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"The updated OIC Tax Planner is the only practical tool we've found to effectively administer and process Installment Agreements and Offers In Compromise. The tool has a useful help function and a number of additional auto-generated forms which come in handy when dealing with Tax Representation issues."

Richard Bankbaum,

DBA Travelnurse Tax Pro


"Congratulations on the design of an excellent product, that pays for itself in the time spent on the first case alone, and provides additional savings for every case thereafter."

Byron R. Prusky,

Prusky Law Associates, Phila., PA


"The OIC Tax Planner provides a well-rounded application for the practitioner who wishes to reduce the time investment in the preparation and negotiation required to reach a compromise with the IRS."

Shelley Newton, CPA


"I have submitted Offers in Compromise and have practiced before the IRS for years and this program makes the work and organization of clients much easier and more profitable.  When I have a question concerning some aspect of the operation of the software there is always someone available to answer my questions and walk me through the procedure in a friendly and professional manner.  Good job and thank you." 

Jerry A. Merola,

Greenberg & Merola, LLP


"The software is easy to use and quite comprehensive.  Using the software, I have successfully submitted more offers this year than in all my previous years of practice. I can't imagine preparing an offer without this software. This program makes my job easier and my practice more profitable."

David W. Sprague,

Sprague & Janowsky, Phila., PA


"Thank you for an excellent product at a great price.  Because your OIC Tax Planner is so intuitive to use, I was able to complete the Offer in Compromise forms for a client immediately upon downloading your software.  Offers in Compromise and Installment Agreements have just become more profitable for my company.  You are far ahead of Pitbull."

Steven G. Havertine, EA,

Southwest Tax Solutions, Phoenix, Arizona