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OIC Tax Planner forms update was released earlier this May, including:

IRS Financial Standards: April 22, 2024

Updated forms: f433A (OIC), f433B (OIC), f656, f4506T,  f656L, f4506, f911, f8379

Updated publications: p908,  i8379,  p1854, p908, OIC Booklet, OIC Checklist

We continue to work hard to keep the OIC Tax Planner up to date.

- Your OIC Tax Planner team

OIC Tax Planner

Created by professionals for professionals!

The OIC Tax Planner application is interactive desktop software downloaded and installed directly on your computer. Your client data never leaves your premises.

The OIC Tax Planner bundles required tax representation forms and current IRS Offer in Compromise regulations in a single product. It is tax resolution software for handling Offer in Compromise, Installment Agreement, Currently Non-Collectible, Spousal Defense, CDP and other IRS collection cases.

  • The OIC Tax Planner is for the tax pro having an intermediate level of understanding of the intricacies of tax representation.
  • Our software has helped thousands of our clients just like you to secure that elusive IRS acceptance of an OIC, Installment agreement, or Uncollectable status for their clients.
  • Automatic updates for forms and data tables are released whenever IRS revises them
  • Automatic form calculations and computation wizards based on the IRS Financial standards are provided.
  • Form instructions at your fingertips, automatic attachments for overflow data, data-flow between forms and more helps you concentrate on the substance


What you will find is software that will help you obtain for your client a successful tax resolution at a reasonable price all bundled together in a fill-in-the-form program that allows you to enter information once and flow to appropriate schedules, forms, and overflow sheets, generating ready-to-submit forms.

A list of all the forms and publications included in the OIC Tax Planner can be found in our FAQ section.

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OIC Tax Planner - Network Edition

The network edition of OIC Tax Planner is designed for office environments where company files are accessed across a Windows network - regardless of whether those files are worked on by multiple users or a single user.

There are two network scenarios which are supported:
1.  The OIC Tax Planner application is installed on multiple workstations. The client database is placed in a shared location on the network and is used and shared by these different installations.
2.  The OIC Tax Planner application is installed on multiple workstations. The client database is stored on the company's database server. The supported database servers include all editions of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and later.
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OIC Tax Planner - Online Edition

OIC Tax Planner Online is the latest addition to our OIC suite of applications. It gives you the power to do online what you were doing on your desktop before, and in addition, access your forms and data from anywhere and effortlessly collaborate with your colleagues and your clients.

OIC Tax Planner Online provides online all forms that are available in the OIC Tax Planner Application and will allow you to manage your client forms and data and prepare your OIC on our member site. You can work from anywhere and easily collaborate with your clients throughout the data collection and approval process, including test for eligibility with our Quick Test tool.



Feature Highlights


Money back Guarantee

We are confident in our product and want you to be confident in your purchase. If you are not satisfied with our product within 60 days of purchase you are eligible for a full refund.

Manage multiple clients and businesses

Keep everything together and manage the forms and data for multiple clients, businesses and cases throughout the entire resolution process.

Keep your data on your premises

Always know where your client data is. Have full control over the access and security of your data by keeping it local on your computer and your network with our desktop applications.

Automatic updates for Forms and IRS Collection Standards

With each purchase you get the software along with 12 months of software updates.

Don't get your Offer in Compromise rejected because you used older forms. Dynamic web updates keep your software compliant with the current IRS standards. IRS forms and submission tables change periodically.

The OIC Tax Planner software automatically checks with our servers every time the application starts and you will receive software enhancements as soon as they are released.

Network editions for multiple workstations

You can use the Network Edition when you have multiple workstations that need to share your client data. The client database can reside in a shared location on your network or on a database server.

The professionals in your company can work simultaneously on one or more cases and do not have to worry about how to share the data whether for review, assistance or just more manpower.

Our support staff is always ready to assist

Support is always available should you lose or misplace your license, or need a link to download the latest version or need assistance with installation or other difficulties.

Newly updated and enhanced flow of information between the forms

The OIC Tax Planner "Fill-in-the-Form" platform allows professionals to enter data once and flow it into appropriate schedules, forms, and overflow sheets to generate Form 656.

With the enhanced data flow any relevant groups of data are available wherever you might need them again. Whether it is a bank account information or asset details or other relevant block of data, you can use it again and again wherever it is appropriate for that client.

Automatic calculations

Avoid simple calculation errors or forgetting to update the calculated fields once you have to go back and change something. The system automatically calculates any form fields as guided by the IRS as soon as you enter the new data.

The system also automatically calculates the minimum amount required to submit an OIC based on IRS guidelines and lets you print ready-to-submit forms once you choose the terms.

Automatic attachments for overflow assets and other lists

List your data, and the OIC Tax Planner will add attachments automatically. For anything that doesn't fit on the IRS form the software will flow the information and package it together when you print.

Wizards for expense standards and OIC offer calculators

The software provides calculation wizards to help populate allowable expense fields as guided by the IRS instructions and current local standards. You don't have to look through the tables of data, the software does that for you -- once you have provided the client information.

The software will also help you break down the OIC Offer amounts and choose the best terms on Form 656.

Quick qualification test

The software comes equipped with a Q-Test module, allowing practitioners to prescreen clients for eligibility before completing the time-consuming Forms 433A (OIC) and 433B (OIC).

Paid preparer list

OIC Tax Planner aims to help with the little things and here it provides the convenience to avoid typing your contacts over and over. You can fill in a list of the tax professionals in your practice and populate on forms where needed with a click of a button.

Backup or export client data

The security of your client data is critical and OIC Tax Planner is designed with this in mind. It gives you integrated features to backup and restore your client database or export and import the data for specific clients.

Regular backups are important for disaster recovery. But you can also use these features to archive old data, cleanup your active client list or move clients to another computer running OIC Tax Planner.